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A Little about: Africa Day

Africa Day

What is Africa Day?

Africa Day was founded in 1963. It marks the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), which was the precursor to the African Union (AU). The day celebrates African unity, and all the wonderful cultures that this amazing continent is home to. It’s a day to reflect on the progress Africa has made as a continent, in the face of the many challenges that a global environment brings. It’s also a day to recognise the successes of the continent and its cultural and economic potential.

The day is celebrated across Africa and around the world. It’s sometimes referred to as African Liberation Day. Celebrations for Africa Day can stretch over a number of days, and the day is a public holiday in some African countries. 

When is Africa Day? 

Africa Day takes place every year on 25 May. This date is when the Organisation of African Unity was formed. 

How can I celebrate Africa Day?

Africa Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Africa as a continent and its rich culture and diversity. It’s a wonderful way to start a conversation with your children about why they are proud to be African and what makes them proud. You could decorate your classroom for the occasion and theme your learning for the day on Africa. For any age group, the subject of Africa is lovely for geography, so that they can learn more about the diversity of the land and features of different African countries. Or how about incorporating the theme into creative arts lessons? You could have a think about local art styles or crafts that the children could create to take home.

We have lots of resources to widen your children’s knowledge about the continent and its landscapes, its people and its wildlife. This Africa, our continent PowerPoint is great for helping Intermediate and Senior Phase children learn all about the continent. It includes fun facts as well as information on capital cities, and impressive landmarks such as deserts, waterfalls and lots more. This set of Africa mindfulness colouring pages is a great way to let children appreciate the variety of wild animals that are found on the continent. Learn about the flags of each African country with this Flags of Africa word mat.

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