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‘Not African Enough’ Explores the Diversity of Kenya’s Fashion Landscape

Kenya's Fashion Landscape

In a challenge to African stereotypes, the Nest Collective has issued their second book, ‘Not African Enough,’ which profiles the wide range of creative forces that define African fashion. In the first chapter, Joy Mboya, the director of the GoDown Arts Centre in Nairobi, unpacks Kenyan national identity and how it relates to art. In particular, a 2004 project titled Sunlight Quest for a National Dress is described as an attempt to create recognisable symbols of identity through fashion.


How Ndlovu Youth Choir Stirred Our Souls

Ndlovu Youth Choir

It’s the first time that an African group made its way into the America’s Got Talent finals, and they wowed the world with their soulful music.  They may not have won the competition, but they captured hearts around the world.  Their journey started in June when the youth choir delivered a powerful performance of ‘My African Dream’ and received a standing ovation from the audience. They have not looked back since and won a legion of fans around the world with their uplifting and moving performances.


‘Stolen Moments’ Uncovers the Namibian Music That Apartheid Tried to Erase

Namibian Music

A whole generation never knew about the rich musical history of Namibia thanks to the cultural suppression that came with apartheid.  A new photo exhibit at the Brunei Gallery in London sheds light on the practice that squashed the country’s musical legacy in favor of propaganda. The ‘Stolen Moments” project began in 2010 in an effort to champion Namibia’s unsung musical innovators.


Young Africans’ Dreams Anchor Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda Oscar Picks

Young Africans' Dreams

There’s a common theme among the Oscar entrants from a swath of  African countries this year: youth empowerment.  Overcoming obstacles to fulfill dreams is a plot line shared by a number of current African films and may be indicative of new hopefulness or simply reflective of the relative youth of the filmmakers.


The Case for Johannesburg as the Capital of Africa’s Art Scene

Africa's Art Scene

A new owner and a fresh outlook are reshaping FNB Art Joburg and legitimizing South Africa’s economical capital city as the new epicenter for the best of the best of African art. As the market for contemporary art from Africa gathers heat, many collectors are eagerly waiting for tastemakers on the continent to pinpoint a region on which to concentrate.


A Convincing Case for Botswana as the World’s Greatest Safari Destination

Greatest Safari Destination

Tourism tails off in October because of rising heat, but the flooded Okavango is water-cooled, while a lack of vegetation — munched over the dry winter — puts game-viewing at its peak. Prices drop towards the end of the month, and the new, solar-powered Qorokwe Camp by Wilderness Safaris, sitting on its own lagoon, is a slick pick.


10 Best Destination Countries in Africa

Best Destinations

Historic vestiges such as the Egyptian pyramids, the rock churches of Ethiopia, the South African Robben Island Prison where Nelson Mandela stayed for 27 years, or the island of Gorée in Senegal, a symbol of the memory of the slave trade in Africa, as well as safari parks and other grandiose landscapes (Victoria Falls, Sahara desert) are all assets that make the African continent an increasingly coveted tourist destination.


Seychelles Offers a Fantastic Mix of the Exotic and African Feel


A one-hour ferry ride away from magical Mahe lies Praslin, one of the jewels in the crown of the Seychelles islands. Considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it’s easy to see why visitors flock here. Praslin is all about breathtaking beaches, Creole cuisine, locally produced rum and of course the Coco de Mer – the world’s largest nut which is unique to the island. 


Namibia’s Most Exquisite Scenery


One of southern Africa’s most significant wetlands, this lagoon is home to thousands of migratory birds, with exquisite birdlife including great white pelicans, Cape gannets, sandpipers, plovers and even the African Purple Swamphens finding refuge in the sheltered water among the flamingos. Another picturesque lagoon, Sandwich Harbour, is just an hour’s drive away, and is also a favourite of bird lovers.


Get a Taste of Africa

Taste of Africa

Gastronomic tourism also includes the promotion of heritage sites that are known to revolve around dishes that are of historic importance. They enhance the travel experience, they encourage the acquisition of knowledge and a cultural exchange. There is a unanimous view that vast amounts of knowledge have been lost to history and there is a huge knowledge gap in African societies as a result of colonization and urbanization.


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