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Genevieve Nnaji’s ‘Lion Heart’ is Nigeria’s First Ever Entry to the Oscars

Lion Heart

Big hopes are pinned on ‘Lion Heart,’ the first Nigerian film to be entered into Oscar contention for Best International Feature Film.  A Netflix original film produced in Nollywood, the film stars Genevieve Nnaji and also represents her directorial debut. The film tells the story of Adaeze, a young woman who steps up to the challenge of running the family business with her uncle after her father experiences some health issues. Adaeze then tries to juggle both her family and thriving career amidst rampant sexism in the workplace and attempts to save the business from financial ruin.


Haldane Martin’s 2019 Outdoor Collections Offer Up Urban Chic Living

Haldane Martin

South African furniture brand, Haldane Martin, has launched a new collection of outdoor furniture, which is as chic and sophisticated as it is colorful and fun. The Hula Outdoor Collection is playful and nostalgic, paying homage to the classic Salterini Hoop Chairs of the 1950s. These modern chairs – a dining chair, a lounge chair, a barstool, and a kitchen stool – offer a fun pop of color and geometric form wherever they’re placed.


On Designing Resilient African Cities

Resilient African Cities

A recognized innovator, Cameroonian architect Hermann Kamte, is trying to steer Africans toward taking a more thoughtful and long-term approach to the built environment.  Rather than reacting to crisis, he encourages planning and anticipation of future needs when designing African communities.


The Most Architecturally Stunning Safari Lodges in Sub-Saharan Africa

Safari Lodges

With African safaris are on most travelers’ bucket lists, lodges vie to attract travelers with ever more luxurious offerings in the bush. Over the past few years, a wealth of luxurious safari lodges have cropped up or revealed renovations that make them worth visiting and revisiting. Here is Architectural Digest’s take on the most stunning properties on the safari circuit in Sub-Saharan Africa. 


The Essential Design Guide to Marrakech


Marrakech has long been a center of incredible artistry and design, and Surface magazine gives us the inside look at the best design resources and places to visit.     Over the last decade there has been a boom of designers, artists, and entrepreneurs from around the globe and its own streets who have been successful experimenting with and building small businesses inspired by traditional Moroccan craft.    


Sail Along Africa’s Western Shore

Africa's Western Shore

The Viking’s 21-country world journey will take you through Cape Town, Dakar, Morocco, and more. Below Table Mountain are the colorful row houses of Bo-Kaap and the crashing surf. The lagoons and salt flats on Namibia’s coast are Southern Africa’s most important migratory wetland, with up to 50,000 flamingos, as pink as cherry blossoms. The streets of Dakar, Africa’s westernmost point thrum, with brightly hand-painted car rapides, or local buses.


Serengeti – Once Again Chosen As Best Safari Park Of Africa


According to the annual survey conducted by Safari Bookings, Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park has come out as 2019’s most popular African safari park. The online safari marketplace took 2,373 reviews to assess the 50 most popular national parks and reserves in Africa. The Serengeti came out on top with an overall rating of 4.92 out of 5, the highest score ever recorded by This is the third year in a row the Serengeti has come out on top, while Mana Pools in Zimbabwe jumped up a place from third in 2018 to second. Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia all have two national parks or reserves in the top ten, with one each for Kenya and Zimbabwe.


Recreating the Taste of the Tropics in the Mother City

Kwéyòl’s menu

Kwéyòl’s menu includes the ‘national dish’ of saltfish and green bananas, the typical Sunday lunch of stewed lamb neck and Creole rice and, yes, that roadside snack of grilled chicken wings and fried bread. Chef Mala Bryan’s made and served these dishes all over the world – St Lucia, Europe and now at the southern tip of Africa – but her trusty pot and homemade seasonings are still the same. 


Strategies to Develop Ethiopia’s Tourism Industry

Ethiopia's Tourism Industry

Lensa Mekonnen, the CEO of state-owned Tourism Ethiopia, is determined that tourism – which can boost the economy, champion local culture, and reinvent the country’s public image. Ethiopia’s tourism sector supports 2.2 million jobs, and is vital to the East African nation’s development transformation. Lensa sees untapped potential in historic sites that are little known or have fallen into disrepair. Tourism in Ethiopia grew by 48 percent in 2018, far surpassing the global average of 3.9 percent. But as Lensa strives for change, she still faces some pushback.


A Nightmare for Gambia’s Tourism

Gambia's Tourism

Thomas Cook Group, the travel operator that brought around 40% of Gambia’s annual visitors seeking sun and white-sand beaches, has collapsed and cancelled all future flights and hotel bookings. A blow for Africa’s smallest country whose locals make most of their money in the tourist season, which is just about to begin. Vendors at the Senegambia craft market said they had taken out loans ahead of the tourist season to boost their stocks of traditional instruments, wood carvings and jewellery. Around 57,000 British customers had already booked hotels or seats on charter flights for the upcoming season, according to the national hotel association. This equates to around a quarter of all tourists to Gambia during the whole of last year


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