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Gambia Takes Myanmar to the World Court

Gambia Takes Myanmar

Myanmar is to face accusations of genocide at the UN’s highest court over its treatment of Rohingya Muslims. A 46-page application has been submitted to the international court of justice by the Gambia, alleging Myamar has carried out mass murder, rape and destruction of communities in Rakhine state. The Gambia, a member of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, has taken the legal lead in drafting the claim against Myanmar. It is being supported by other Muslim states. An initial hearing is expected at the ICJ in December. In the application, the vice-president of the Gambia, Isatou Touray, describes her state as “a small country with a big voice on matters of human rights on the continent and beyond”.


Tracking Blast Fishing in Tanzania

Fishing in Tanzania

Across the Indian Ocean, in Tanzania, a collective of local nonprofits called the Tanzania Blast-fishing Monitoring Network has since 2014 been training fishermen to record blasts from the shore. Scattered along a 500-mile coastline, 24 monitors record blasts and later, their data is analyzed and shared with government officials. Also in Tanzania, marine scientist Gill Braulik has installed acoustic recorders on the seabed on five sites along the coast, with funding support from the data journalism initiative Code for Africa. The hydrophones can pick up blasts from 19 miles away.


Tunisia’s Answer to the #MeToo Movement

#MeToo Movement

Outrage over photographs of a politician appearing to sexually harass a student led hundreds of women to speak out about abuse. Many of the posts carried the hashtag #EnaZeda, Tunisian dialect for #MeToo. Women of every age and social background started to share their experiences of harassment and abuse, sometimes anonymously, often for the first time, in a private #EnaZeda group that has grown to have more than 17,000 members and through a public Facebook page with more than 70,000 posts and comments. But whether the #EnaZeda movement will have a long-term impact to match its rapid rise may depend on the fate of the legal case around the student’s accusation, which remains at an early stage, with formidable obstacles ahead.


Nigerien Authorities’ Growing Efforts to Intercept Drugs in Transit 

Drugs in Transit

It is a flourishing business that, according to government officials, fuels insecurity along the country’s perilous borders with northern Mali, where multiple armed groups compete for territory since Tuareg-led militias declared a unilateral independence in 2012. The illicit trade risks deepening local divides. But according to an internal document from Niger’s security forces, seen by Al Jazeera, the hub of drug trafficking has recently shifted from northern Mali to Niger, under the pressure of multiple military campaigns in Mali, including France’s Operation Barkhane which launched in 2014. 


Burna Boy to Donate Concert Proceeds to Nigerians Attacked in South Africa

Burna Boy
performs at Coachella Stage during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 21, 2019 in Indio, California.

Award-winning Afrobeats star Burna Boy is scheduled to headline a concert in South Africa, just two months after he vowed never to return to the country following a spate of xenophobic attacks there. The Nigerian superstar, who was among the celebrities who spoke out against September’s violence targeting Nigerians and others in South Africa, is expected to take to the stage in Capetown on November 23. he upcoming concert, billed as Africa Unite, is being organized by Nigeria’s Play Network and will include performances from artists including Kwesta, Jidenna, and Busiswa. “The first of many! Part of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of Xenophobic attacks by me! I really hope we can all keep contributing in our own way to make the world a better and safer place for each other. # Africansunite, it’s bigger than all of us,” he tweeted.


Find Out the Alphabet of Being An African Content Creator

African Content Creator

A– Write as if the world is going to read your content. When people read your content they should experience your passion through your words and pictures. Your voice should resonate with pride and dignity.
B-Take the time to read, re-read and edit your content before posting. Remember that you’re not just writing just for you, your writing and representing your culture and continent.
C-Remain humble to the power of your content. Not everyone will agree with your content, they should see you as truthful, honest and authentic.


[WATCH] Building African Classrooms

African Classrooms
A girl is looking at the construction of her new school made of plastic bricks, in Sakassou, a village in the center of Côte d’Ivoire. UNICEF Côte d’Ivoire fights plastic pollution and ensure that every child learns in a supportive environment by building classrooms made of plastic bricks. For every child, innovation.

Ecologists are urging creative solutions to clean up plastic waste choking waterways and threatening ecosystems across the globe. The United Nations Children’s Fund partnered with a Colombian company to turn piles of plastic into the building blocks of education in Africa. 


What Will it Take to Open Nigeria’s Borders?

Nigeria's Borders

The federal government of Nigeria has announced five conditions that must be met for the reopening of its borders to neighbouring countries in the Economic Community of West African States. Some key areas that the conditions would address include the fact that Nigeria would not accept imported goods that were repackaged by neighbouring countries; goods imported for the Nigerian market must be escorted directly from the port of member states directly to the nation’s land borders; dismantling of all the warehouses along common borders with Nigeria and presentation of recognized recognized travel documents at entry points by foreigners.


Waiting for the New Zim Dollar

New Zim Dollar

Heralded by Zimbabwe’s central bank and its President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the answer to an acute cash shortage that has hamstrung the country’s economy, new low-denomination banknotes were due to enter circulation on Monday. But by noon they had seemingly failed to arrive. The government unexpectedly re-introduced the Zimbabwe dollar in June to end a decade of dollarisation. It hopes the new notes, at lower denominations than those currently in circulation, will help end the cash shortage, bring down inflation and speed up the restoration of the long neglected domestic currency.


Breaking the Speed Record 

Speed Record

The Bloodhound land speed challenger is likely to be back out on its South African lakebed track early next week. Engineers are now satisfied they understand why a heat alarm has been triggering on the car when it runs. Bloodhound was in the middle of trying to post a speed of 550mph (885km/h) on Friday when the sensor system alerted driver Andy Green that temperatures might be too high in the engine bay. He aborted, pulling up early having reached only 481mph (774km/h). Known as a “firewire”, the sensor is essentially two parallel wires running through a plastic sheath. This wiring criss-crosses the engine bay. When it gets too hot, the plastic melts and the two metal cores touch, triggering the alarm.


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