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1st African Symposium & Awards

1st African Symposium & Awards – 2021

Amid the pandemic and the recent development in the vaccine space, it is time that we do not drop the ball.  According to a technical report by the World Health Organization (WHO) of a meeting held in July 2020 in Geneva, NCD requires all players on board. The members present recognized the need to have Universal Health Coverage (UHC) packaged in such a way that saw the inclusion and guarantee of NCD services. The idea is to have the same conversation on NCDs on the same table as UHC.

For that, Zenith Global Health will host a 2-day symposium themed “Advances in diabetes and cancer care; plugging the gaps” on 25th and 26th June 2021 at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. The event will be a hybrid of virtual and physical attendance with day one, focusing on cancer and diabetes. Day 2 will focus on awards for frontliners in healthcare. Health practitioners are packaged under essential services and so forth. A mere thank you to the healthcare providers that have risked their lives to keep us safe during the pandemic is not enough.

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