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The Winihin Jemide Series Women And Youth In Governance And Politics

Strengthening our commitment to the full participation of all peoples and the elimination of Ageism & Sexism in Governance and Politics

About this Event


Women and Youth in Governance and Politics is a social impact group, which advocates for More women and More Youth in the electoral process, through Information Gathering, Story Telling, Education, Campaigns and Events.



This year 2020, the year of perfect Vision, we are spearheading Vision 2020 which involves; A Global Vision Statement, A Global Vision Board and The More Campaign. We believe that increased representation will lead to fairer and more effective decision making, because Ageism and Sexism are Politically Incorrect


At The Vision Statement Conference, two thousand and twenty (2020) participants will be guided to troubleshoot and review a cohesive list of Vision Statements at the second draft stage. Detailed within these statements is the need to advance; dignity, equal rights and inclusiveness for Women and Youth in global electoral processes. Together we can begin to voice what we imagine a world without ageism and sexism within these processes would look like. Powerful isn’t it?

The Vision Statement Conference will give us the chance to elevate our voices! Our Vision Statements are a consensus and commitment to full participation of all peoples, and the elimination of Ageism and Sexism in governance and politics.

Having passed through various stages of vetting, a final Vision Statement Document will be submitted to several establishments, including heads of governments and multilateral agencies. The ultimate aim is to initiate policy reform that will enable the future we envision. More Women! More Youth! Zero Ageism! Zero Sexism! In Governance and Politics.


  1. To Build Consensus
  2. To Mobilise Attention around the need for More Women and More Youth in Governance and Politics
  3. To Push for Adoption of a set of Asks and Demands detailed as points within the Vision Statement



  1. Your name in the appendix of the Vision Statement Document
  2. Your opinion in the Vision Statement for the future of Women and Youth in Governance and Politics
  3. Lessons from 10 Pan African Stories of Women and Youth in political leadership
  4. Your images on the Global Vision Board about the future of Women and Youth in Governance and Politics


Our Vision Boarding Sessions are aimed at putting together a collective pictorial representation (2020 images) of what participants anticipate a world with More Women and More Youth in Governance and Politics should look like.

Let’s close our eyes for a second and imagine a world where ageism and sexism do not exist within these processes. Lovely isn’t it?

In each session, we will cover topical issues that will guide attendees in contributing to The Global Vision Board, encouraging engagement with Vision 2020.


Sep 30 2020 - Oct 01 2020

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