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World Cloud Show – Africa

World Cloud Show – Africa is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused, global series of events that takes place in strategic locations across the world.

As part of the world tour, this Africa edition is virtually gathering pre-qualified CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, Heads of Research, Industry Practitioners, IT Decision Makers, and Experts in Cloud Computing among others from cross-industry verticals across Africa.
The show features exciting keynotes, government and enterprise use-case presentations, product showcase, panel discussions, and tech talks to discuss the latest challenges and explore the latest applications of cloud-based solutions.
Discussion Topics:
  • Cloud Governance: Future of Data Centers transforming Africa’s digital landscape
  • Regional updates & pan-African trends across digital infrastructure and data center deployment
  • Edge computing: Leading the road to improved data security systems
  • The Cloud Model: Cloud leading the road for African e-government services.
  • Bringing the digital change: The Cloud & Data Centre Revolution in Africa
  • Importance of data centers in Africa’s post-pandemic new normal
  • Need of the hour: Steps for Effective Cloud Data Management


May 17 2021


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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