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Kenya’s Wildlife Service says not a Single Rhinoceros was Poached in 2020

A first in 21 years. To maintain the progress, it is conducting the first ever wildlife census and placing mobile container housing in parks for rangers. Kenya’s Wildlife Service credits intensified surveillance for the drop in rhinoceros poaching cases to zero last year. The agency says it’s also taking fresh measures to maintain the progress, such as conducting a wildlife census for the first time. Edwin Wanyonyi, the agency’s director of strategies, says new approaches are being implemented. ”There is a new strategy. We are focusing on housing for rangers; we are focusing on buying them equipment, be it firearm[s], whatever they require, be it uniform, be it cold weather clothing, [so] that they can be able to respond at all times,” Wanyonyi said. In Nairobi National Park, rangers with the rhinoceros monitoring unit are receiving upgrades from old tents. Ranger Augustine Mutua says new container housing units will help them get to work protecting rhinos much faster.


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