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MoU Signature Between The Ministry Of Tourism And Arts Of Zambia (MoTA) And United Consulting (AUC)

The Ministry of Tourism and Arts of Zambia (MoTA) is gearing up for the implementation strategy of the Zambia Tourism Master Plan.

As a major component of this plan, the MoTA is aware of the need to shape the image of Zambia’s tourism potential into a reality capable of attracting the industry’s leading champions. The key driver of such a goal is to boost resource mobilisation to enable the implementation and execution of projects to attract both private and public investment, thus positioning Zambia as an investment hub.

Zambia, through the Ministry of Tourism and Arts, is partnering with United Consulting whose core business is to market and promote African countries as global destinations, highlighting their uniqueness and assisting the development of their tourism products and services. The company is an expert in creating long-term sustainable strategies for destination development, with an emphasis on identifying highly profitable business models that are attractive to investors.

Dr. Auxilla B. Ponga, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and Arts of Zambia declared: “Whilst COVID-19 is hitting hard many countries, it creates a window of opportunity for Zambia to put in place the conditions, infrastructure and capacity building to prompt dynamic investors. We are confident that bringing in United Consulting through this MoU will allow my Ministry and the country at large to achieve the vision of making Zambia to rank among the most preferred holiday destinations of Choice in Africa and a regional conference hub.”  

The United Consulting CEO Mike Tavares said: “This MoU between AUC and the MoTA emphasises the cross-cutting nature of tourism and the importance of cooperation at every level to ensure the sector works for everyone. 2021 will be an essential year for the recovery of the Tourism Industry, and we are positive in our expertise to deliver to MoTA the tools to ramp up initiatives, leading fund mobilisation, attracting key investors, and developing new sustainable projects, providing opportunities, and driving social and economic recovery.”

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