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Popular German Series Profiles Seychelles

Seychelles has received some welcome publicity after a popular German TV series – ‘Das Traumschiff’ – featured the island nation in one of its latest episodes. Called ‘Dream Ship’ in English, the series is about a cruise ship named the MS Amadea that travels to explore renowned tourist destinations across the globe. Now in its 40th year, Dream Ship is one of the most-watched television shows in Germany. With Germany as one of Seychelles’ key markets, the extensive coverage of the islands’ pristine beauty served as a reminder to the German people that the island paradise is within their reach. Speaking about the exposure received, the chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), Sherin Francis, said that “being featured on such a well-known show is very much a privilege for our small destination.” Through the 89-minute-long episode aired on January 1, viewers were transported across the crystal-clear waters of Seychelles and onto the white sandy beaches. Several islands were depicted, such as La Digue Island’s rustic charm and the exclusive Desroches Island with its secluded beaches lined with coconut trees. Among the vibrant wildlife found in the depth of the islands’ waters and mountains, viewers got to see the archipelago’s endemic ‘coco de mer’ – the largest nut in the world. Through their TV screen, tablet or smartphone viewers also got to admire the lush green vegetation and towering boulders, while watching the story unfold.


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