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Rey Sani Releases New EP Titled, HEARTBURN

Rey Sani

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Rey Sani is a 19 year old, upcoming artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. He was originally born in Zimbabwe, Harare, under the name Tawananyasha Dumisani Makombe, but has since lived in four different countries across Southern Africa. It is, perhaps, for this reason, that his style is so unique and refreshing. This is evident in his recent 10 track EP named HEARTBURN (released on the 27th of September, 2019).

The theme of the EP emulates its title; it is a tale of tales about romantic affairs and lived experiences in general. As with any modern artist these days, it would be hard to categorize Sani under any one genre. However, to help you get an idea of his sound, his inspirations range from global stars like The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, 6lack and Jhene Aiko, to lesser known—but equally talented artists like Eli Sostre, and local singers like Tshego and Shekhinah. So yes, Rey Sani does a bit of the singing. But to stop there would be to deny him of his lyrical prowess and rapping abilities.

Rey Sani demonstrates his vocal ability on the opening track ‘She/Dramatic’, which is the kind of neo-soul, high-pitched song typically reserved for candle-light dinners and seductive ‘bedroomy’ environments. Throughout the rest of the EP, he takes us on a heart-wrenching journey of romantic failures, unmet expectations, emotional dispositions and personal confessions. Rey Sani pours out his heart and shows that he expresses himself through his music, singing I communicate through the lyrics that I’m saying, if you wanna know me, just listen to my songs (From ‘Jump in the Fire’). The EP is not all sad however. With tracks like ‘Hype’ and ‘Fireflies’, he shows us his enjoyment for trap music and applies the kind of autotune we’ve come to enjoy in modern hip hop.

Rey Sani

The EP, from start to finish, took him about a year to make. He writes all his own songs and produced 4 of the 10 beats on the EP. Special mention must be made of female vocalist Ipeleng, who contributed to the popular ‘No Sleep’ on the EP. Local producers with the names of Beatsmith and Jxly must also receive applause as they assisted Sani in creating some of the best sounding music to come out of South Africa.

The EP can be streamed on all music platforms using this link:

Rey Sani is also a visual artist and fashion enthusiast so be sure to check out his Instagram as well!

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