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These Are The Unspoken Words Of Being An Immigrant In America

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A writer who fled Nigeria at 9 years of age with her mother has written a book of poetry capturing and trials and tribulations of immigrants settling today in the United States. Titled “Spoken Silence,” Lola Isijola not only writes to understand the trials of immigrants but also to understand the struggles of being a Women in today’s society.

Inspired by her ancestral rots but driven by her experience in America. Spoken Silence, contains poems that not only inspire the new generation of immigrants in America, but as well as it’s born and raised citizens.

Learning her inner voice from a young age, her writing is not only and outlet for her but an outlet for millions of other immigrants and women in America.
She acknowledges the ongoing changes currently happening in America. Especially when noticing “The revolutions gone and the remaining enough to keep skin covering enough to keep bones in body enough to gnaw soul just enough to know its real.” Showing the struggles and decisions immigrants and women are faced with every day.

Lola’s coruscating style in her writing, was developed from her love of story telling.
“The Dust screams underneath our souls. No six feet deep solitude will undo your actions. The soil bears witness.” Lola earned positive reviews from readers nationwide. Some readers left comments on saying “Spoken Silence takes you on a journey that conveys personal trials & tribulations, life lessons, and astute observations from a P.O.V. that is largely underrepresented.”

Another reader said “Spoken Silence will take you on an emotional and spiritual journey to self-love, self-forgiveness, and cultural awareness. Each poem packs a punch and hits you hard in the stomach at the end, leaving you hungry for more.” Along with many more positive remarks from readers on other social media platforms.

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