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Bigen Group Chooses Mauritius To Expand Its Business And Service More Countries In Africa

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Bigen Global Limited, part of the Bigen Group is an African infrastructure company based in Mauritius – one of a growing pool of companies choosing to set up business in Mauritius as a springboard to opportunity in Africa.

Bigen Group sees lives transformed and local economies boosted by its projects in more than 19 African countries, including South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, Lesotho and Tanzania, not only through sustainable infrastructure development, but also through its value add practice of ‘doing good while doing business’. The Group’s uniquely crafted service offering incorporates strategic partners in order to provide not only technical services, but also financial, social, institutional and environmental services as part of its one stop service offering. 

Synergistic benefits, joint value creation and practical solutions are provided in sectors covering real estate, agriculture, water and sanitation, transportation, energy and health. Recognised as a market leader in Africa the Group appreciate its client’s needs to go beyond mere service delivery and have combined its profound experience and knowledge of infrastructure development with a bespoke development impact service offering to maximise impacts such as job creation, SMME empowerment, skills training and development

For a number of reasons, Mauritius is an attractive destination for companies like Bigen Group.  Bigen Group Executive Chairperson, Dr Snowy Khoza, cites ease of doing business high on the list.  Political stability, maturity of market and bilateral agreements with so many African countries are other important factors.

 “The bilingualism of the people – fluent in both English and French has helped us to service Francophone Africa as well as Anglophone Africa. For us this was a key driver for coming to Mauritius. We do not have to worry about the administrative or legal aspects in the countries in which we operate because the team in Mauritius is proactive and understands these markets. This allows us to concentrate on our business and doing what we know best” says Khoza.

Khoza also acknowledges the transition that Mauritius has made, moving from a sugar based to a diversified economy with a rapidly growing financial sector.

“Mauritius is a haven of knowledge – the only country in the region where you can find all the financial institutions and investors gathered in one place. If we need to start a development project in an African country, the Mauritian team provides the guidance we need, connecting us with the right investors.”

Bigen supports African governments’ sustainable development goals by insightfully providing cost-effective development solutions.  Aided by the Group’s partnerships in the Mauritius International Finance Centre (IFC), Bigen’s impact on Africa is wide reaching.   Notable project involvement in African countries includes:

Safe, affordable and sustainable energy must be provided in rural Zambia to eradicate poverty through invigorating local economies, it impacts health through eliminating air-polluting indoor cooking and heating methods, and supporting better healthcare provision. 
Enjoying high levels of solar radiation during much of the year, Zambia can successfully integrate solar energy into its supply solutions.
Bigen developed the Technical Concept Design for an off grid, battery back- up, diesel generator integration Solar PV system at Luangwa Town and conducted a pre-feasibility study. 
Capacity to provide off grid electricity to villages without electricity
A 360km strategic water transfer system between the Letsibogo and Dikgatlhong dams, and Gaborone and other areas, was the government’s solution to serious water supply challenges. With two of the three phases of the NSC now completed, regional economic growth and quality of life in Botswana have been significantly enhanced. 
Bigen was the employer’s representative for the second phase of the project – providing conceptual design development, EPC tender documents and construction supervision of NSC-2 transfer system. 2 384 jobs created during 2017 12 million people benefiting from water projects Training provided to 5 811 local people Adequate water supply to communities 
The South African National Roads Agency, SOC, has developed an integrated rapid public transport network plan for the entire eThekwini municipal area and appointed Bigen to manage the construction of the 6,2km road in the C3B corridor through Pinetown and New Germany. Bigen, with its expertise and full capability in infrastructure development, provided project management, contract engineering and design and contract documentation services.  It also met the agency’s tender requirements for local empowerment targets. Six emerging contractors were employed to perform 51% of the contract work 32 local BEE subcontractors were employed 
The South African government’s large housing project in Soshanguve, Tshwane comprises 18 000 housing units and efficient, timeous, on-budget electrification was one of the key requirements. Bigen, with its proven expertise and full capability in energy provision ranging from planning services to project management and execution, was appointed to undertake the electrical reticulation design and installation in the housing units as well as project and contract management. 
Improving livelihoods sustainably through increasing the supply of electrical power to 72 000 local people. Employment of local professional workers and construction workers. Development of local suppliers

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