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Few Tips for HNW Individuals Interested in Angel Investing in African Tech

Zachariah George is the wearer of many hats – co-founder of the Startupbootcamp AfriTech accelerator, principal at Nedbank Venture Capital, and active angel investor. He has made around 50 angel investments since moving to South Africa in 2010, initially all in the financial services space. After building Startupbootcamp AfriTech he saw the need for innovation in other spaces, and started making investments elsewhere too. “If you are a first time angel investor, or have been investing for less than a year or two years, I would really suggest that you stick to your local or regional geography where you can add a lot of value beyond just money… I would strongly suggest angels look at disbursing capital over a one year period, and stick to about two or three investments a year if this is your first rodeo… As an angel the most value that you add to a company is the first year or 18 months after investing in them. You add all your networks, the corporate connections you have, the investors you know.”


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