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Game Changer In The Fight Against Malaria

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Widespread installation of mosquito killing EaveTubes can change the odds in the fight against malaria. Scientists believe this Dutch innovation is the extra tool needed to eliminate malaria across Africa. Results from field trials in Tanzania and Ivory Coast confirm the strength of the tubes. However, participation of African stakeholders will be key for its success.

The WHO approved project in Ivory Coast covered a total of 3000 houses with mosquito killing EaveTubes in the walls. The project started in 2017 and preliminary results show extraordinary reduction in malaria cases. “We see an impressive reduction in an area that has a lot of malaria and many mosquitoes” says Marit Farenhorst, Director Research & Development at In2Care. “This study showed us that EaveTubes can protect the entire community, even when only 60% of the houses have the tubes installed” continues Farenhorst.

“Installation in 60% of the houses can protect the entire community”

Large scale field implementation provided the development team with lots of feedback on the first EaveTube prototype. “It became clear that the handling time and cost-effectiveness of the EaveTubes could be further reduced to make large scale impact possible” tells Farenhorst enthusiastically. Eager to make a difference for malaria control in Africa, the In2Care team took up the challenge of innovating their own innovation.

“The current model of In2Care® EaveTubes can be installed at comparable costs per house as other control methods like insecticide spraying. As added benefit only partial coverage is needed to obtain full community protection” explains Farenhorst. The real game changer of the EaveTubes is achieved during subsequent years. Annual maintenance costs are low, which allows national vector control programs to expand the area that is controlled for malaria. Over a period of 5 years, EaveTubes can protect 5 times more people against malaria when compared to conventional control methods. 

“EaveTubes make malaria elimination possible, but we must do it together”

“To achieve true impact, it will be essential to reach a critical mass for large-scale EaveTube adoption. EaveTubes make malaria elimination possible, but we must do it together” says Farenhorst. “In2Care is willing to continue its leading role in the roll-out and scaling up of EaveTubes. However, this can only be realized in collaboration with important African stakeholders and partners” she concludes. With increasing resistance in malaria mosquitoes across the African continent, EaveTubes could be the new solution that is needed to eliminate malaria.

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