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MSF Called Out for Racist Policies

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The medical NGO Medecins Sans Frontieres has been accused of propping up white supremacy and colonialism, according to an internal statement signed by at least 1,000 current and former employees of the organisation. The statement accused MSF of failing to recognise the racism it perpetuated by its policies and how its workplace culture contributed towards propping up the “privileged white majority” within the organisation. The statement called for an independent investigation into racism within the organisation and calls to address “decades of power and paternalism. Prominent signatories of the statement include Agnes Musonda, president of the board in southern Africa, Florian Westphal, managing director of MSF Germany, and Javid Abdelmoneim, chair of the board at MSF UK.  Former MSF aid worker Shaista Aziz described the statement as a “moment of reckoning that is massively overdue”.


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