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Only 25% of African Business Leaders Believe that their National Governments are Capable of Protecting their Personal and Health Data

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In a live poll conducted by as part of its webinar series, Crisis Management for African Business Leaders, 25% of webinar participants indicated they believe that their national governments are capable of securing health and other personal data they collect. 57% of respondents believe that their national governments are not capable of doing so. 18% of respondents indicated that they did not know if their government is capable or not. A second poll question asked respondents if African governments should be able to track infected COVID patients without their consent. The majority, 57% responded, “No” – governments should not be allowed to do so. 43% responded “Yes” – governments should be allowed to do so. The largest sectors represented are financial services and professional services, followed by energy and manufacturing. A smaller tier consisted of real estate, health care, agriculture, health care, and media, arts & entertainment. 


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