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Sani Lockeheart Releases A Seven-track EP: Solar Avenue

The Cape Town-based musician delivers a body of music that is an intricate and complex journey focused on existentialism. Throughout the EP, Sani sings of loneliness, the search for love and the ultimate decision to never give up despite hardships.

There must be a reason, that we met on this fine evening he croons on the mellow ballad Seasons featuring vocalist Ipeleng. I’ll never stop believing, believing, believing he continues.

This is the underlying theme of the EP and seems to be what he is alluding to by titling the work Solar Avenue. ‘Solar’ being a metaphor for the light, or the good; whilst ‘Avenue’ refers to a road, or journey towards this light.

From the opening and title track, Solar Avenue, the listener is met with an electrifying guitar solo. This is becoming a trademark of Lockeheart’s, as the whole EP is littered with guitar solos, riffs and soothing melodies. Moreover, many of his previously released singles like ‘Zombie With A Heartbeat’ feature this phenomenon of fingers on string that somehow translate into a tune that is both soothing and electrifying to the ear.

Listen to Zombie With A Heartbeat on SoundCloud:

Guitars aside, the EP is a wholesome listen. It is categorized under R&B and yet the diversity shown in the music goes beyond the genre’s bounds. Songs like Sauce Back and Solar Avenue show his ability to flow on bouncy trap beats, while Mine and Lovely flex his singing ability and vocal range in the more familiar realms of the R&B genre. Lockeheart also delivers lyrically, portraying his talent with the pen on the final song In My Room—spoiler alert—in which he is seemingly telling of a girl that has him stuck in his room when it is in fact revealed later on the track that he’d been singing about his beloved guitar all along.

The EP is characterized by top-tier production, which is commendable considering he recorded the entire album in his home studio setup and mixed and mastered all the tracks himself. Lockeheart also produced 3 of the 7 songs, while he was assisted by STXRMIIX, Exelons, byscorez and DWNLD on beat production for the other 4 songs. Songstress Ipeleng is the sole feature on the EP.

Solar Avenue is an enjoyable listen; the only thing left to say is that the EP is the exact kind of thing music enthusiasts have been hoping artists would deliver during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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