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The European Union Endorses Mauritius As A Compliant Jurisdiction For Tax Matters

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The Council of the European Union has, on the 10th of October 2019, decided that Mauritius is compliant with all commitments on tax cooperation. The Council stated that Mauritius implemented all necessary reforms to comply with EU tax good governance principles ahead of its deadline.

This endorsement bears testimony to the fact that the EU has recognised the significant measures taken by the Government of Mauritius on adhering to international best practices in tax matters, including through the Finance Act passed in July 2019, as well as additional regulations which amended existing legislations applicable to its Freeport and Partial Exemption regimes.

It is noteworthy that Mauritius has introduced economic substance requirements in its tax framework, and addressed the issue of lack of anti-abuse rules through the introduction of Controlled Foreign Corporation rules, which were broadly aligned with those of EU’s anti-tax avoidance directive.

Through this endorsement, Mauritius gains recognition as a cooperative jurisdiction committed to meet the requirements set by the EU and other international standard-setters.  Mauritius is not in any EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. To recall, the EU list is an on-going effort to promote good governance principles such as tax transparency and fair taxation, amongst others. 

Over the years, Mauritius has forged a strong reputation as a premier International Financial Centre.  In line with international best practices, Mauritius has always been at the forefront to adapt its legal and regulatory frameworks to adhere to the most important standards.

The Government of Mauritius reiterates its willingness to promote good governance principles in international tax matters.

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