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10 Best Ghanaian Music Singles

Best Ghanaian Music Singles

This list of the 10 Best Ghanaian Music Singles shows how gifted the Ghanaian music industry is. Music will undoubtedly pass as one of the greatest assets the human race possesses. From the genesis era of a toddler through the vibrant age of youth, to the docile period of adulthood, music remains an integral part of our society.

Ghana, like the rest of the world, is no exception of a music-loving country. The cemented legacy of our forefathers is deeply rooted in us. The old days of “Highlife” and “adadamu” have been revolutionized into our very own “Hiplife.” A couple of Hollywood adaptations include Hip-Hop, afro beats, jazz, and the sensational, “Azonto.”

The year 2017 isn’t over yet, but it has probably blessed us with more music albums and singles than we could imagine before the year elapses.

In this article, we delve into the top 10 Ghanaian music singles that made the music charts of 2017 in Ghana.

Boo Noo Ni – Joe Mettle

If there ever was a thing the organizers of last year’s VGMA did right, then it rightly was crowning Joe Mettle as artiste of the year. The “BOO NOO NII” single is a soulful masterpiece poised to edify the soul.

The tune, a combination of English and Ga, was conveyed with exactness of a moving depression that will influence you to ascend to move along quickly. Combined with a mixing vocal ability from Minister Joe Mettle and Luigi Mac-Lean, who was highlighted on the melody, ‘Bo noo nii,’ as indicated by Minister Joe, is his own declaration of what God has improved in his situation. This is the second melody discharged so far from the ‘Lord of Miracles’ collection, anticipated that the record would be discharged before the end of this current year.

One Corner – Patapaa

It took off as a social media craze dance, with people hiding behind desks and corners jamming to the tune. Little did we know, Patapaa’s music would become an international tune. The rhythmic afro cum azonto beat sets off at an adventurous note, setting the mood for a crazy dance style by whining the waist and thrusting into the air.

Justice Amoah, stage name Patapaa, is an up-and-coming artiste from the central part of Ghana. His single ‘One Corner’ shot him to fame, and ever since his debut, his name has been on the lips of Ghanaians.

Sponsor – Ebony

Popularly known for her seductive and sensual choice of apparels, ‘Ebony has become a force to be reckoned with in the Ghanaian music industry. Relentlessly releasing hit after hit, the songstress mesmerized the airwaves with her captivating hit ‘Sponsor.’ Combining contemporary dancehall and afro beat tunes, ‘Sponsor’ sought to appeal to the youthful listeners while offering humor for the adults to nod at.

Ebony stormed the Ghanaian music scene with her debut single ‘Kupe.’ In an interview with Tv hostess, Delay, she revealed that,her sensual appearance on the showbiz scene is a true reflection of who she really is in real life.

Wedding Car – Dadie Opanka

The ‘tie tie’ star, who’s been off the scene for a quite a while now, came back strong with a banger titled ‘Wedding Car.’ For someone who’s been lost for a while, this tune seems to be doing remarkably very well. It’s been receiving a lot of airplay, and it’s poised to look like a career resurrection track.

Tipped as the next big thing in the Ghanaian music industry a couple of years back when he dropped a cover of Gyptian’s classic, ‘Hold Yah,’ the rapper cum singer adds up to the entourage of heavily endowed artistes from Tema-Ghana who can freestyle their way out of any  circumstance.

Bronya – Wutah

Of all the single tracks released this year, Bronya looked the most shocking of all. Shocking because it came from a duo whom most, if not all, Ghanaians thought had fallen apart. Bronya is still receiving lots of love from Ghanaians. The duo, Wutah, popularly known for their melodious voices and great instrumentals, have, in the past, never disappointed their fans and didn’t look like they did on this one. A fusion of old highlife over a funky beat tune created a perfect harmony between the old Wutah and the new identity they’re unveiling. News of Wutah’s separation came as a big blow to Ghanaians, as many felt they were an incredible pair, and parting ways meant a huge lost to the industry.

Taking Over – Shatta Wale

Debatably one of Shata Wale’s best drops this year. The dancehall king teamed up with his ghetto youth, Joint 77, Addi Self, and Captan to produce this banger. The slow tempo dancehall tune was set to empower the ghetto youth to take over in all their endeavors and for them to strive in a bid to put Ghana on the world map. Shatta Wale seems to be making an unprecedented wave on the music scene dropping hits after hits. Taking over with its simple yet profound tune is, undoubtedly, one his best this year. It further resurrects the pride of being a Ghanaian.

Ranger – Joey B

Ranger is brilliant, different and refreshing. They carry an alluring appeal – there’s simplicity in both the imagery and storylines with sublime elements open for interpretation. On ‘Rangers,’ his latest outing, off his week-old EP ’Darryl,’ we see Joey B running across a large grass field. Ranger is a song about the unpredictability of life, running a good race while noting the various obstacles on your way: ‘No one knows tomorrow/ All the things you worked hard for/ Everything is borrowed.’ There’s also a point of reassurance: ‘No matter what you doing/ You’d succeed/ Don’t you know life is full of blessings.’ Fast-rising artiste, Darkovibes, comes through to flesh up the song with his energy and positivism.

Come From Afar (Wogb3j3k3) – Stoneboy

“Wogb3j3k3,” which translates to ‘come from afar,’ is another of Stoneboy’s projects that cements his place in the dancehall music spectrum of the country. The BET award winner throws back in his usual unique rhythmic style, capturing moments of his past struggles and difficulties he had to encounter before reaching the top. In this popular tune, Stoneboy practically paints pictures of Ghana’s past and present while articulating the urgent need to forge ahead in unity and progress.

Jennifer Lomotey – Kurl × Sarkodie

Controversial song of 2017. It would be fair to assume that ‘Jennifer Lomotey’ rode on popularity stemmed from the controversies that surrounded this particular single. On the other hand, the song was so good that it, undoubtedly, merited the kind of attention it received.

A line from the best art in Ghana, SARKODIE, generated quite the hullabaloo that critics thought it was an opportunistic act. Either way, in our current dispensation, there’s nothing like bad publicity. The two artists capitalized on the drama and made a hitter out of a supposedly hit track.

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