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What Is The Best Time To Visit Cape Town, South Africa?

Famous for its picturesque beaches and plenty of sightseeing opportunities, the beautiful city of Cape Town which is also called as “The Mother City” of South Africa is a popular holiday destination located at the foot of Table Mountain which is an iconic landmark of the city. Although it is an incredible holiday destination to visit round the year, but the time from March to May and September to November is best to explore. 

Though you can visit Cape Town anytime of the year, but to decide what is the best time to explore this beautiful city also depends on what type of holiday you’re planning or what are the things you are to do over here. Whether you are thinking for beach holiday or a hiking trip to Cape Town, whether you seeking for a whale watching escape to Cape Town or wine and food vacation, the best time to decide when to visit this stunning and amazing city in South Africa also depend on your preference and taste of what you love to do and what not. 

The Atlantic Ocean has the huge influence on Cape Town’s climate. Located on the southern hemisphere, the city experiences subtropical climatic conditions which ensure staple temperatures throughout the year. While the summers are hot and dry in Cape Town, winters are wet and mild. 

What the best seasons to visit Cape Town?

Season from March to May and September to November are the best seasons to explore Cape Town as these months boast enviable climatic conditions, lower prices and fewer crowds. The city experiences dry, warn climatic temperatures from October to April and the months of December and February great months to take beach vacation over here.  You experience sunny festive cheer, a vibrant nightlife and busy beaches during these months. 

  • December, January and February – Best for Beach Holidays
  • April, May and early June – Best For Hiking Trips
  • Late June, July and August – Best for Foodie Safaris
  • July, August and September – Best for Whale Watching

What are the best months to explore Cape Town?

December, January and February are the best months to explore Cape Town as the temperature during these months ranges between 25-27 degree Celsius. You will witness pleasant sunny days or sunshine for at least 11 hours a day. These months are great for those seeking a sun-drenched vacation in South Africa. Night during these months is cooler with temperature ranging around 15 to 16 degree Celsius. 

February is a great month to take a dip in the sea and the average sea temperature happens to be 70 degree Fahrenheit (21 degree Celsius). 

What are the hottest months in Cape Town?

December, January, February and mid of March are summer season months in Cape Town when the average temperature is 23 degrees. January and February are the warmest months with maximum temperature of 23 degrees in the day time and 14 degrees at night.  When travelling to this picturesque city of South Africa during summer season, then don’t forget to carry your summer outfits and summer beauty creams and lotions as you might face sunburn. 

What are the coldest months in Cape Town?

Winter season in Cape Town usually starts from late-June and last until mid of September. The temperature during winters in the city ranges between 8 to 10 degrees Celsius during the daytime. If you are seeking something adventures and fun experiences then you must plan whale watching vacation to Cape Town during its winter season.

Besides knowing what is the best time to visit Cape Town, there are other questions that might be arising in your minds like where to go, what to do, and most importantly is it safe to travel Cape Town. If this is so, then read on the blog post and get all your answers. 

Is Cape Town Safe To Visit?

Although the city is recorded with the highest criminal reputation, Cape Town is still the most popular holiday destination in South Africa and tourists simply love exploring its stunning beaches and wonderful attractions. Moreover, the city is a wonderful travel destination for shopaholics as there many shopping markets and local stalls. 

What unique souvenirs to buy from Cape Town?

Shopping in Cape Town is really an enjoyable experience for the travelers as the list of shopping centers, local marketplaces and street shops are endless. From getting that most energetic shopping vibe on V&A Waterfront to enjoy designer brand purchase at Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre, Cape Town will surely satisfy your shopping desires. Greenmarket Square, Canal Walk Shopping Centre, The Old Biscuit Mill, etc., are some of most popular market areas where you can buy unique souvenirs like –

  • Boston Lager
  • Zulu Ceremonial Spoons
  • Protea Ring
  • Santos or Ajax Cape Town Jersey
  • Groot Constantia Wines
  • Pondweed (Waterblommetjies)
  • Cape Malay Spices
  • Beaded Necklaces
  • Sea-Salt Products

The ultimate conclusion

All in all, it can be said that Cape Town is a great holiday destination for everyone to explore at least once in a lifetime. From pleasant weather to lovely attractions to friendly people to great shopping experiences, Cape Town has it all. 

So, when are you planning your vacation to Cape Town? Probably Soon Right….!

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