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CISO Africa 2020

CISO Africa 2020

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CISO Africa 2020 delves into why IT and data security has greater value than merely a defensive mechanism. Designed as a peer-led conference for information security, fraud and risk professionals, the CISO Africa 2020 conference will showcase pragmatic case studies and provides high-level interactive discussions on the latest approaches and tactics to allay the bombardment of cyber-attacks, but deliver and interpret business value.

Why Attend CISO Africa 2020?

CISO Africa 2020 offers several practical industry case studies, including  security strategy roadmaps, developing skills best practices and driving cultural change. However, what sets the conference apart are the dedicated discussion groups, which enable the audience to interact and participate alongside carefully selected facilitators who will share their experiences in an open forum. With a number of topics selected, you will be find striking similarities across sectors and gain real practical value in sharing of ideas, challenges and advice on over-coming the most frustrating problems we all face.

These are some of the strategic focus areas covered at CISO Africa 2020:

  • Creating influence in the business as security leaders: driving security culture that works
  • Articulating business value to the board: taking security beyond scare tactics to show positive financial growth
  • Identity & Access Management: from strategy to priority access
  • Zero Trust: how is this achievable at scale
  • Meeting the skills gap in security: more security team members vs better education
  • Working with GRC: why compliance is necessary from the start
  • Cloud security strategies, practicalities and challenges
  • Making DevSecOps a reality: who, how and why to do it
  • Security automation, AI and machine learning: what is real, and what isn’t
  • Privacy, confidentiality and customer security: why we are driven by the user experience
  • Lessons learned on mitigating attacks: proactively identifying internal and external threats
  • Breaking down third party vendor risk: from contracting to brand affinity, a shared experience on choosing the right security partners

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