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UNICEF Senegal And Mastercard Foundation To Partner On The Pandemic Response

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An innovative partnership to build back better for children and young people in Senegal

UNICEF and the Mastercard Foundation have joined forces to support the Senegalese Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to build back better for children and young people in Senegal. The USD$5 million partnership program will contribute to:

1. An inclusive medical response to Covid-19 through the procurement of medical equipment and training of health staff to support access to life-saving services. This includes equipment for COVID-19 case management such as respirators, ventilators and oxygen concentrators, along with protective personnel equipment to keep health workers and patients safe.

2. Infection prevention and control (IPC) and youth participation through support for health workers, hygiene personnel and young volunteers to prevent and control COVID-19 transmission by ensuring epidemic preparedness measures are in place, and capacity exists to rapidly implement control measures. Relatedly, young people in Senegal will be supported to produce and distribute handwashing stations as a first-line measure of infection prevention and control.

3. Distance education including e-learning solutions through primarily technical support to the Ministry of Education for the development of a national e-learning strategy, as well as on the deployment of a national radio-based learning programme to ensure continuity of learning and extend opportunities to all learners affected by school closures.

UNICEF Representative in Senegal, Silvia Danailov said, “COVID-19 has an impact on the wellbeing of children, their health, education and protection. Some 3,5 million children and adolescents in the country have been affected by school closures, which have disproportionately affected girls and exacerbated gender inequalities. To minimize the long-term impact on the most vulnerable children, a multisectoral response is required”.

She continued “ This partnership between UNICEF and the Mastercard Foundation will enable us to support Government’s efforts not only to support the prevention and medical response to COVID-19, but also to ensure innovative and emerging e-learning solutions in the short run whilst strengthening the education system in the long run to ensure that every child access quality learning”.

“Tremendous work has been done to address the pandemic and its effects in Senegal. The Foundation is committed to working collaboratively across sectors to build on the momentum to contain the disease, mitigate its effects on children and young people, and lay the foundation for a stronger and more inclusive future, ” said Diaka Diallo Sall, Acting Country Head, Senegal, at the Mastercard Foundation.

Origin Source: UNICEF

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