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Bush To Beach – Combining A Safari In The Bush With Relaxation At The Beach

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Africa is a world of its own – and very beautiful at that. It is one of the best destinations to travel to, boasting of majestic wildlife, crystal blue beaches, stunning topography, and a wealth of history and culture. If you’re planning a trip to Africa and are thinking about your travel itinerary options, we suggest a combination of the bush and beach. Blending the thrill of a safari in the bush with the relaxation at the beach is a great way to make the most out of your trip in Africa.

Some vacationers have a hard time choosing between a safari adventure and coastline fun. For the most part, they want to experience flora and fauna in their natural habitats, and also have fun at the coast, but are restricted by time, money, or both. But the good news is that it’s possible to experience both worlds without breaking the bank or missing out on your flights.

You have the best chance of combining a safari in the bush with relaxation at the beach if you are traveling to the southern or eastern parts of Africa. This is because these regions provide plenty of safaris and some of the most stunning and unique beaches in the world. Not to mention the state-of-the-art lodges and resorts that offer a real feel of luxury and total privacy that are sure to take your luxury traveling experience to another level.

Combining a Kenya Safari in the bush with relaxation at beaches in the Indian Ocean


As many would like to put it, Kenya is the “Classic Africa” – it is home to the most iconic parks, game reserves, conservancies, and beaches. The country is so exotic and scenic that it inspired Disney to film the Lion King! Speaking of which, have you heard of the phrase “Hakuna Matata?” Well, that’s Swahili (official Kenyan Language) for “No worries.” Kenya safari options include seeing the Big Five (lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, and leopard) in their natural habitats, experiencing the great migration, a natural world wonder, and marveling at the stunning topography, diverse wildlife and culture.

From mega-herds of wildebeests moving across the Mara River and legendary elephants grazing against the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro to guided nature walks and trout-fishing excursion, there’s so much that Kenya safari tours can offer. And thanks to the country’s developed transport system, it is easy to connect to the coast after a long safari. It’s even easier when working with tour guides, as they will help organize everything for you.

The Kenyan coast has several beautiful tropical beaches, enough to accommodate people’s varying tastes and preferences. Diani beach is the most popular and beautiful beach in the country, providing a tranquil haven to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun. It has underwater sandbars, coral reefs, and vast palm vegetation, and is a perfect location to surf and swim. There’s also the Nyali beach which is renowned for its calm and relaxing ambience and high-end resorts. Other beaches include Lamu, Vipingo, Tiwi, Watamu (Turtle Bay), Gazi, Bamburi, Kikambala, and Shanzu. But if you are looking for more adventure, then you might as well head to Zanzibar.


It is effortless to add a few days to the Island following a Kenya Safari because of Zanzibar’s proximity to the country. Besides, several flights all around Kenya and Tanzania flies to Zanzibar every day. Of course, the main reason behind a safari in Kenya is to see the Big 5, beautiful topography, and everything the country’s bush has to offer. But the days on safari can be tiring in an enjoyable way. For a couple of days, you’ll need to wake up early, be on the move, and indulge in different activities under the tropical sun. Not to mention the long dinners that stretch into the nights and campfires under the stars with a couple of drinks. A little rest and recharging at the beautiful beaches in Zanzibar can help you calm down before taking a flight back home.

There are plenty of things to do in the beaches of Zanzibar, including swimming, sunbathing, and chilling at the waterfront restaurants to view the dhows silhouetted against the sky. You may even visit the neighboring Islands for cultural and historical tours of spice farms, Stone Town, and fishing village. Horse riding Zanzibar is also a great way to see the beaches and unwind after a long safari in Kenya.

Zanzibar is not just a relaxing destination. People visit the island for scuba diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, dolphin watching, and sailing. Many newlyweds choose a Zanzibar honeymoon because of its amazing tropical beaches, nice resorts and culture-focused towns. If you’re travelling for your honeymoon, you can have your pick of gorgeous beaches for sunbathing, sailing and snorkeling, plus luxurious spas.


The bush to beach safari is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences in life. You not only get to interact with plants and wild animals in their natural ecosystems but also enjoy the tranquility and relaxation that the beautiful white sandy beaches have to offer. And with everything taken care of by professionals, your only job will be to get lost in the magical blend of unbridled excitement and blissful serenity.

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