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Private Sector Impact Investment Partnership To Deliver SDGs

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Recently, the launch of Impact Investing Ghana (IIGH) an independent, private-sector collective of entrepreneurship advisory and investment practitioners with the release of an emotive video that captured with a breathtaking narrative just one of the many Development, Social and Environmental challenges we face: plastic waste and mass unemployment. The call to action was simple: rethink Development Financing and how we are going to meet the SDGs in practical terms. 

In a refreshing partnership of multiple parties collaborating to present a new and exciting different view from the mainstream Development, Philanthropy, Banking, Business, Finance and Social Ventures, we are looking forward to advocating and forming new partnerships with our top decision makers, many of whom accepted our invitation to get an introduction to the immense potential of Impact Investment for Ghana and the Region. The world has changed, investors and business leaders will be exposed to the global shifts in investment trends, develop the appropriate contextual solutions and tools to do this effectively. To achieve this step change in Ghana will need extensive support and collaboration with stakeholders including government, big business, SMEs with social impact, Development partners and academia/research institutions. 

Ghana stands to benefit immensely from the learning and networking opportunities, more impact investing projects, creation of local impact investment case studies and insights to guide local and global impact investment allocations to scale up our most innovative social ventures, who may just be able to grow their balance sheets and not rely on annual grant cycles. 

Ghana, represented by Impact Investing Ghana (IIGh) is working towards expanding the local impact ecosystem and membership of the global impact ecosystem, working with policymakers and researchers; mapping out and understanding our own contextual priorities. It’s hoped the opportunities that this new approach advocate will indeed be seized with the urgency they should. 

The impact revolution is a truly global movement, and its expansion to Ghana signals a mindset change to risk, return and impact to turn our nation and Region around. Impact could be the black jewel in the crown of Africa radiating from the Black Star Nation. Let’s see how Corporate, Tech, Social Enterprise and Development leaders rethink their business and investment decision making to transform our nation through Impact Investment and innovative Development Financing.

If we’re able to meet our most pressing SDGs with all our stakeholders, Members and partners, we’d have done what we set out to do.

About Impact Investing Ghana (IIGH)

Impact Investing Gh (IIGh) is an independent, private-sector initiative founded by key ecosystem players: entrepreneurs, asset managers, intermediaries and start-up hub managers to advance the Development of Ghana with the SDG as its main framework.  IIGh will steer a multi-stakeholder effort (SDG Goal 17 – Partnerships for the Goals) towards more Responsible and Sustainable & Impact Investment allocations of portfolios, scale-up businesses that deliver measurable impact, advocate for leaders to make decisions based on risk-return-impact.

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