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DHL Global Forwarding And Unicargas Collaborate To Connect Angolan Businesses To International Markets

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Businesses across Angola can tap on Unicargas’ local knowledge and DHL’s regional and global network to reach European and North American markets

Angola is currently the second largest producer of oil in Africa and has the 8th highest GDP in the continent, and the country is working hard in accordance with its National Development Plan to diversify its economy and improve the quality of life. To boost Angola’s global trade connectivity and support the country’s economic growth, DHL Global Forwarding (DHL) is teaming up with Angolan cargo carrier, Unicargas to promote the export of locally-produced goods to Europe and the US.

Egidio Monteiro, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding Southern Africa, says: “Partnerships like this play a vital role in promoting economic growth, which are largely fueled by a vibrant pool of local enterprises ready to extend their reach. At DHL, we remain committed to enable the continent’s development by empowering African businesses to enter new markets. Our partnership with Unicargas is the perfect example of our approach to think globally and act locally, where strategic relationships with the best partners on the ground are key.”

As part of a five-year partnership agreement, Unicargas will take care of the domestic transport of products within the country whilst the leading international provider of air, ocean and road freight services will assist in exporting Angolan-made products to international markets, specifically Europe and North America which collectively makes up about 20% of total exports from the country

“While oil exports still account for most of our trade volumes, we remain equally committed to expand the private sector and diversify the export portfolio to include products such as coffee and fish, adds Joaquim Piedade, Management Commission Coordinator at Unicargas. “We are excited to support businesses in reaching the global market by expanding the nation’s export infrastructure into Europe and North America. This will be crucial as Angolan businesses work to overcome the damage caused by the pandemic.”

This partnership forms the latest part of DHL’s efforts to build central logistics platforms throughout Africa to boost the continent’s access to international markets. The venture will also support Angola’s national logistics sector, enabling Unicargas to expand the scale of its services.

Since 2018, DHL’s joint venture with Ethiopian Airlines has enabled greater access of international trade between the continent and the world via Ethiopia. As part of the company’s digitalization push and commitment to enhance connectivity, it launched Saloodo!, a digital freight platform to connect shippers and transport providers.

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