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Listen to: Leaving & Losing by Saul City and Jason Giger

Saul City and Jason Giger

A C O L L E G E P R O J E C T , A P A R T – T I M E J O B , P U R E L O V E F O R M U S I C A N D A N E W R E L E A S E . 

South African producer and artist Jason Giger, says he first sat down with Ableton in 2013 where his meeting with music became his personal emotional outlet. Jason says, “Music is the one thing that brings me a sense of joy and fulfilment.” And ever since, it is the one thing he never let go of. The artist to look out for is here with his release of “Leaving and Losing.” Jason goes back to how the collaboration began. “The track started out as a creative project for college at SAE.” During this time the producer found himself with a part-time job at the doctor’s office, where he met singer/songwriter Lauren of Saul City who also started working at the office.

The pair nervously shared the first thing they had in common: the vehement dislike of answering a phone. Something else they had in common was their passion for music and the struggle of pursuing the dream itself. The same evening Jason sat down with friend and talented artist Lakei. Together they filled the room with sounds of all kinds bouncing off walls were live loops, drums and Lakei’s touch on the synth. Unconsciously piecing the sounds together, they sent the development to Lauren, who wrote “Leaving and Losing.” 

Lauren says “At first the vibe is so chilled it sucks you in entirely until you’re so consumed all you can do is face the thoughts running circles in your head, facing the thoughts fighting for your attention.” The songwriter says once she put the title down, everything else followed. A simple confrontation. A musical confrontation Michele was excited to be a part of as he added his hints of guitar. Lauren (South African) together with husband Michele (Italian), form a songwriting/production team called Saul City. The couple has been performing, creating and releasing music for over 10 years. Never shying away from new collaborations and sounds, the pair were pleased to be part of such an incredible project.

Saul City and Jason Giger
Saul City and Jason Giger

Leaving and Losing is only the beginning of more to come, as Jason sets out to release his first EP “Minerals and Gems” this year. Lakei has just dropped his EP “Same as last time” and Saul City will release a track called “Disco Venture” written and performed by Lauren for and L.A based artist. Jason says, “Leaving and losing was made during a troublesome period in my life, the track still resonates with me. I hope it resonates and connects with everyone in their own way.” “Spotify Losing”

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