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Saul City Releases An Energetic Anthem


“No More”

Saul City, a husband and wife duo from different worlds, has been making music for over 11 years. 

The couple first started releasing music in 2014 while in Italy, there they experimented with cinematic and spellbinding sounds and by 2016 then slowly into various genres of music and writing/producing for artists. 

Now in Cape Town and many singles later, with appearances on national TV, earning a number one spot on Chapter One Radio, busking at the V&A Waterfront, the duo is out with their newest single “No More.” 

Saul City features a talented producer from Zimbabwe, Spitter_byo whom they have now welcomed into their team, channeled his rhythmic sounds into the foundation of Saul City’s production. Michele also playfully added hints of the guitar to the dynamic track and Lauren tests the waters with her lyrics, the singer who writes gloomy and caustic lyrics says “I have strayed little from what is natural for me to write, the only difference this time around is the target audience. As much as we intend for the song to move people, I hope it becomes an anthem for all the strong and amazing women out there.” 

No more holds the captivating elements to get you moving and anthem ready lyrics made to sing out loudly, proving this dynamic collaboration will keep you on your feet this summer. Workshop No more is set to hit all digital platforms on the 4th of December 2020. 

A very special to: Spitter Byo – Instagram & Soundcloud

Visuals: Ryan Pilott

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