Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

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Why I Believe In Africa: Kojo Oppong Nkrumah

Dreams; what is the size of yours? Big enough to purchase a gulfstream Jetliner? The African continent is rising with lots of young people thinking through solutions to problems the continent faced with. There is the need for a change in mindset of the African towards solving societal problems. It is possible to get Africa up. How to do it? Build capacity, gather resources, start with the little you have and strive for excellence.

Kojo OPPONG-NKRUMAH is a highly respected ace broadcaster and entrepreneur in Ghana. Although starting off as a treasury analyst at British America Tobacco in 2006, Kojo’s passion for broadcasting propelled him to take up a job at one of Ghana’s biggest radio station, Joy FM in 2006. He is widely known for hosting Joy FM’s flagship programs including the Super Morning Show and News File. He in 2012 hosted the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates ahead of Ghana’s general election as well as serving as a resource persons for many corporate organizations including Standard Chartered Bank Ghana, Barclays Bank Ghana and TIGO Ghana.
Kojo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, an MBA in Marketing and is a Fellow of the Henry Crown Fellowship of the Aspen Institute. He owns BROWNSTONE Capital, a private firm that operations three subsidiaries — in Marketing Communications, Financial services and logistics.

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